About Us

Developed by an Experienced Team

DiaWebco began as a collaborative venture by a team of professionals with expertise in finance, healthcare, sales and marketing. In each of these industries, DiaWebco’s leadership team experienced the benefits of workplace diversity—and the challenges business leaders experience as a result of unmanaged diversity data.
DiaWebco’s founders also gained insight into diversity-related issues by serving in professional, advisory, and board capacities with companies such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Spectrum Health, Huntington Bank, Varnum Law, Hospice of Michigan, Hope Network, Henry Ford Health System, and the Detroit Medical Center.

Creating a Tool with Universal Application

As practicing physicians, pharmaceutical sales managers, hospital specialists, financial advisors, and personnel managers, DiaWebco’s founders understand businesses like yours from the inside out. They recognize the challenges of creating a diverse workforce—even for those who embrace workplace diversity and acknowledge its benefits.
They also recognize that companies want to make changes related to diversity and inclusion, but lack an effective tool to measure and evaluate diversity in their workplaces. DiaWebco created its software program to address this need with an efficient, objective approach to data management.
DiaWebco applies the due diligence methodology to diversity, combining company data with industry statistics to generate up-to-the-minute results. Once they’ve established a baseline, business leaders can easily access and manage diversity data with this comprehensive tool.

Keeping Up with Changing Needs

Based on customer feedback, DiaWebco continually updates its software program and provides customized tools tailored to clients’ specific assessment needs.

With DiaWebco’s simplified reporting process, business leaders can access vital diversity-related information at a moment’s notice. DiaWebco software offers rapid, accurate assessments and easily evaluates complex data—including cumulative historical data.