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Diversity Checklist

How Well Do You Manage Diversity?
  1. Do you test your assumptions before acting on them?
  2. Do you believe there is only one right way of doing things, or that there are a number of valid ways that accomplish the same goal? Do you convey that to staff?
  3. Do you have honest relationships with each staff member you supervise? Are you comfortable with each of them? Do you know what motivates them, what their goals are, how they like to be recognized?
  4. Are you able to give negative feedback to someone who is culturally different from you?
  5. When you have open positions, do you insist on a diverse screening committee and make additional outreach efforts to ensure that a diverse pool of candidates has applied?
  6. When you hire a new employee, do you not only explain job responsibilities and expectations clearly, but orient the person to the campus and department culture and unwritten rules?
  7. Do you rigorously examine your unit's existing policies, practices, and procedures to ensure that they do not differentially impact different groups? When they do, do you change them?
  8. Are you willing to listen to constructive feedback from your staff about ways to improve the work environment? Do you implement staff suggestions and acknowledge their contribution?
  9. Do you take immediate action with people you supervise when they behave in ways that show disrespect for others in the workplace, such as inappropriate jokes and offensive terms?
  10. Do you make good faith efforts to meet your affirmative action goals?
  11. Do you have a good understanding of institutional isms such as racism and sexism and how they manifest themselves in the workplace?
  12. Do you ensure that assignments and opportunities for advancement are accessible to everyone?
If you were able to answer yes to more than half the questions, you are on the right track to managing diversity well.